what tickets are available for me to buy?

We have 2 tours here at Liverpool City Sights. The Red Route is our Multilingual Tour of the City, we call it our City Tour and it is available in 6 different languages.

Our Blue Route is proving to be our most popular tour, it is our City&Beatles Tour and it is live guided and currently in English Only. 

Are both of these tours hop on hop off?

Both tours are Hop on Hop off, The City Tour operates best as a hop on hop off and we recommend using it as such. Use it like a normal bus service around the city centre. The City&Beatles Tour is the only hop on hop off Beatles Tour in Liverpool. You can stay on it for the duration as a vast majority of tourists tend to do or you can get off along the route and wait for the next bus.

Does the City&Beatles Tour let me do both?

Yes - We currently consider our City&Beatles Tour Ticket to be our "ultimate ticket" - You can access both the Red and Blue route with the one ticket.

How long can I hop on and hop off for?

With the City Tour you can hop on and off for 24 hours. If you buy the City&Beatles Tour it is a 48 hour hop on hop off ticket. Adding more value to the ticket price.

How much are tickets?

City and Beatles prices are:

Adult - £16

Concession - £11

Child - £9

Family - £39.50

City Tour Prices are:

Adult - £12

Concession - £8

Child - £6

Family - £29.50

You can buy your tickets by clicking here.