Liverpool City Sights join the Tyred Campaign

In the UK there are currently no laws on the age of tyres.

In 2012 a bus, travelling back from a festival, crashed causing 3 deaths and life changing injuries to the teenagers on board.

It was because a tyre that was over 19 years of age blew out. Following the inquest into the tragic crash, the coroner wrote to the government asking them to ban tyres older than 10 years of age from being used on coaches and minibuses. The government didn't put it in legislation, but changed the safety guidelines, advising that tyres older than 10 years are not to be used.

We do not believe that it is enough. We fully support the Tyred Campaign and the efforts to make it a legal requirement to not use old tyres on public service vehicles. We are proud to tell you that we have joined the Tyred Campaign and will not be using old tyres on our buses. 

At Liverpool City Sights we aim to replace all tyres that are older than 5 years old and we simply would not use tyres older than 10 years of age on our buses, and haven't done since the company was formed 2 years ago.

Owner of Liverpool City Sights, Philip Olivier said "It's heartbreaking to think that cutting corners to cut costs can cost lives. That’s why we won’t be using tyres over 10 years of age on our buses. We fully support the Tyred Campaign and look forward to it being legislation in the near future. We want customers to know that they are safe when they get on our tours"

For more information and how you can get involved and show your support, please visit

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