If you wish to make the most of your day trip and you are looking for a quick, convenient and reliable way to make your way around Liverpool for the day, this is the tour for you! With a detailed audio commentary that is packed full of information that you can rely on, with 14 stops around our city centre and a 20 minute consistency, there is no reason why you shouldn't hop on!  

There are numerous attractions in Liverpool. Everything from Roman sculpture to cold war spacesuits is sent there to be preserved and restored. The Tourist Information Centre can also be found at this stop and allows the customer to gain information on sights they wish to visit. Liverpool Museums and Art gallery are based at William Brown Street and supply you with hours of enjoyment and factually based knowledge.

After we pass through Lime Street you can visit the famous Adelphi Hotel and would be an ideal stop to take a break, have a spot of tea and enjoy the surroundings.

The Metropolitan Cathedral is the first Cathedral on the tour, the second being the Anglican Cathedral both of which are landmarks not to be missed. China Town is the penultimate stop on the tour and provides you with a glimpse of the magnificent arch.

Albert Dock is the next stop on the tour and can provide you with hours of entertainment, with attractions like the Beatles Museum. Tate Art Gallery and the Maritime Museum to select a few.




Download route map here


First tour leaves the Pier Head at 09.50am and the last tour leaves the Pier Head at 03.50pm


Stop 1. 50/20 - Albert Dock
Stop 2. 54/24 - Mann Island
Stop 3. 55/25 - Canada Boulevard
Stop 4. 57/27 - Chapel Street
Stop 5. 01/31 - Lord Street
Stop 6. 03/33 - Victoria Street
Stop 7. 07/37 - William Brown Street
Stop 8. 10/40 - St Johns Lane
Stop 9. 15/45 - Brownlow Hill
Stop 10. 18/48 - Metropolitan Cathedral
Stop 11. 20/50 - Philharmonic Dining Rooms (Hope street)
Stop 12. 23/53 - Upper Duke Street
Stop 13. 27/57 - St Lukes Church
Stop 14. 29/59 - China Town
Stop 15. 35/05 - Liverpool One Bus Station