This access statement does not contain personal opinions as to our suitability for those with access needs, but aims to accurately describe the facilities and services that we offer all our guests/visitors.



Liverpool City Sights are an open top tour company that operates a hop on hop off bus service to customers. We drive around the city centre and as of April 2017 we will be operating a secondary route out towards the suburbs of south Liverpool. For tourists travelling to us, our first stop is on the Pier Head and the Albert Dock. This is located immediately on the waterfront of Liverpool and is very well sign posted from all local motorways. Roads from John Lennon Airport also located the Pier Head and Albert Dock making us easy to find straight from international arrival. We are also located directly opposite the cruise terminal, approx 3 minute walk from the terminal itself to our bus. As of April 2017 we will also have a stop facing the cruise terminal, once again making it easier for passengers.

The Pier Head is private land as well as the Albert Dock. On the Pier Head the road surface can be bumpy and the walkways are smooth with some gradual slopes. In the Albert Dock the road surfaces are smooth and the walkways can be cobbled in areas due to its heritage status.

All of our service buses are wheelchair accessible. The driver must be notified and the bus will be lowed to allow for ease of access. We have 1 wheelchair space on each bus and some of our fleet will have 2 spaces. Wheelchairs take priority over pushchairs, so we do request that all push chairs are folded by any families on board.

We look forward to welcoming you. If you have any queries or require any assistance please phone 0151 298 1253 or email



Before arrival any customer with any additional needs can always call the office to double check on 0151 298 1253 or even email with any queries. If they wish to write they can do to 9-11 Glegg Street, Liverpool, L3 7DX

Wheelchair access is available on all of our buses.

We are located on the Pier Head as our first stop and our point of sale. This is fully accessible to tourists and approx 7 minutes walk from James Street Train Station. It is opposite the cruise terminal and easily signposted from all motorways and even A roads into the city centre. It is also iconic as a world heritage site, so much so that any taxi driver should be able to take you here without any worry as it is covered in taxi tests.

There is parking at the Pier Head and there is also a car park opposite and there is a car park at Liverpool One which is approx 9 minutes walk away from the Pier Head. All of these require you to pay and display.

The road and surfaces at the pier head vary. The road is bumpy and the pavements are extremely smooth. In the summer the Pier Head because of how white it is and its buildings, it can appear very bright. In the winter it can be very frosty and because it is so smooth it means that it can be extremely slippy.

The Pier Head is also quite prone to low visibility in the fog. It is also extremely windy on the front so make sure to check the weather conditions before arrival and wind speeds.


Car Parking and Arrival

The Pier Head is pay and display and has very limited spaces. The pay and display surrounding the area is reasonably cheap but dependant on availability.

The nearest parking with the most spaces is Liverpool One Car Park which is on "strand" just before the Albert Dock. Parking there can be a little expensive depending on the length of stay. This is also fully accessible with wheelchair access and lifts. It is then 10 minutes walk away from Pier Head.

Access to our buses is as simple as pulling up to the stop. We also have a standing bus that can be used to sell tickets which can be approached by the customer and they can be greeted by a member of staff who can provide more information.


Main Entrance, Reception and Ticketing Area

Our main point of sale that we recommend that people use is our selling bus/box office on the Pier Head. Our maps and website will always refer to it as Canada Boulevard, the name of the only road on the Pier Head itself.

It is a static bus that doesn't move, it also isn't accessible to the public but is used as a point of sale. By the summer of 2018 we are hoping to open up this box office to the public as a waiting area and somewhere to use wifi and charge phones. Bear with us while we plan this.

We have staff that are told to spend most of their time outside of the box office to greet customers. While in the radius of our box office they are happy to sell you a ticket, answer questions and deal with any requests you need.

After the sale of the ticket there will be a 20 yard walk to the bus stop where you can board the bu

The bus will be visible and caution is always advised while boarding the bus

The bus will be lowered for all passengers boarding

The bus stop has 4 seats to be used by the public

There are public toilets nearby located in the Mersey Ferry Terminal and also the Beatles Story Exhibition which is located centrally in the pier head.

Due to the popularity of tours in Liverpool it is quite common for the bus stop to be congested. With both guests wishing to board and also with vehicles in the bus stop. This means that it is quite common for the buses to not park directly in front of the bus stops, the bus stop is long, able to fit 2 buses on it and then we also have a "layover" stop just behind it. It is common for all 3 stops to be occupied by tour buses on busy days.


Attraction (displays, exhibits, rides etc.)

While on board the bus it is worth noting that it is an open top bus. It can be cold in any season due to the wind and movement.

The tour is audio based primarily and is available in foreign languages such as French, Spanish, Italian, German and Mandarin alongside English, which is played out for everyone to hear on the bus so no earphones are needed for those who understand English.

Free earphone are provided, you are also able to use your own.

The audio commentary is loud for people who are hard of hearing and the driver has audio control, at any stop if you can't hear, feel free to press the button and request that the driver increases the volume.

There are stairs to the top deck and wheelchair spaces on the lower deck.


Public Toilets

There are public toilets nearby located in the Mersey Ferry Terminal and also the Beatles Story Exhibition which is located centrally in the pier head.

As of yet there is no toilets on our service at all. Drivers can and will assist in helping you find a public toilet on route, they will point you in the right direction and all staff are trained in local knowledge.

This is a hop-on, hop-off tour. Toilet breaks are as accessible as you want them to be and with a 24 hour or 48 hour ticket to be purchased, you can hop-on and off at your discretion for toilet breaks.

On the City&Beatles Tour we operate a must less frequent service meaning it is at the drivers discretion and timings for toilet breaks you request on route. We strongly recommend that you use the toilet before the tour so that timings are not disrupted throughout the day. In the summer, toilet breaks won't be permitted due to it being a more frequent hop-on, hop-off service.


Additional Information

All of our staff are informed and trained to help with disabled customers

Our buses are serviced and maintained to help customers find them in the most accessible way

All of our brochures locate destinations around the city and also help pinpoint public toilets and points of interest

We welcome any assistance dogs and animals on board.


Future Plans

We have plans that include expansion and greater inclusion of those with complex needs

We have plans to aid and assist our tour information to tailor it towards children

By May we are hoping to have toilet facilities as part of our service

By June we will have a free souvenir guide for those who are deaf and can't hear the audio commentary or live guide.